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Welcome to the past

Saturday, February 18, 2006 |

i know the title is catchy, but this post is about the reviews of the movies i saw two weeks back. ;)

RDB : paint it yellow

Tagline : a generation awakens

This movie is recieving vast acclaims not only by media, but also by public. And i fail to understand why !!. For me it was strictly OK.

Aamir khan, should not have tried to act for a character in his early 20s. Even the best makeup artist cant make you look half of ur age. Soha was looking gorgeous, as always, very fresh, veru petite, very girly ! :)But i was particularly impressed by the outputs of "karan" and "aslam". They both have brilliant screen presence, and both were amazingly confident. Both characters were rock solid, and kudos to siddharth and kunal, to did justice with them.

Though i should acknowledge, the camera work was brilliant throughout the movie, but the thing that kept me ticking for all that time, was the magical spell woven my AR Rehman. This guy just keeps on improving, despite of being on top, for more than a decade now. He certainly is the best stuff that happened to contemporary indian music industry.

What irritated me most, is to see the awakening of half an hour,i have to literally "jhelofy" the movie for 2 hrs. First half of the movie was, monotonusly boring, and utterly disappointing.The flaws of zero story they tried to cover-up using some vague jokes, but my friend this trick dont work always. Few fillups are ok, but using same jokes for about 2 hrs, way too difficult to appreciate.

Second half, they started with making matter worse, but again "rahman ka jadoo" was keeping me to my chair. But during the end, the anology of bhagat singh, was a soothing idea to have.And they executed it brilliantly, but killing defense minister and escaping without being notified, is an impossible task to performed, even by pro, let alone these noobs. But whatever, i liked this part of the movie.

End was made pretty thought provoking, but i m not so strong to have these filmi man as my idols and try to imitate even 10 % of what they have done. i'd be rather sitting in my cozy room, and write such blogs.However i do appreciate the bold measures they have taken, but giving thr lives in such an unacceptable fashion will tag them as terrorists, if not in ppl's mind, but sure in police records.

All in all, a watchable movie. I'll recommended, though, you wont regret either if u miss it.

Tagline: One good act of vengeance.... deserves another.

I guess, it is the movie with highest GQ (gore quotient) ever in the ths history of bollywood. though it is more or less a remake of korean phenomenal revenge flick oldboy, the end is very different, and it has to be or else censor board would have banned Mr. gupta from making a film, forever.

Movie had brilliant performances by all of them, sanjay dutt was brilliant. lara dutta was graceful and had a great presence on screen. I adore her so much, but i think she wasnt the best person for this role, but cant think of a young lassy, who is sensual and can act.may be vidya balan, but she would nat have done a sex scene (ok, so called sex scene with sanjay dutt).And john abraham, for a change did act in the movie.But, i so desperatly wish, it was ajay devgan at his place. Celina Jaitley, i dont think even deserves a mention.

Mvie runs at a brilliant pace, and was one of the best cold blooded revenge story. Master of revenge movies Quentin Tarantino, himself is a huge fan of "Oldboy". The plot was outstanding, and was brilliantly executed. Ofcourse end was a big change and a huge letdown. Backgroud music was too good, and complimented the theme and mood of the movie. Movie lack colors most of the times, and red (suits for both blood and oriental background of the movie) was the only color visible, in between thousands of shades of black and white. This made mood of movie look even darker.

But they somehow manage to make a bollywood hero a superman.Here sunjay dutt, alone manage to kick ass of more thn 20 pro fighters. And that too when he was brutally stabbed at the back, and ofcourse his mental stability as at stake. Will power is one thing, but this didnt seem natural.

I liked sunjay dutt throughout, but in the sex scene.He was very uncomfortable. But on the other hand lara was too mature, and extremly proffesional.I anyways cant understand the importance of the scene. God i want to say a lot more, but it will be a spoiler.

I wanted to dedicate it to a healthy comparison between oldboy and zinda, but i fear, it will be a big spoiler and at this point of time, i dont want to have some malice for me, in the heart of ppl reading this blog.

SO i end up here, and do recoommend this movie. A real nice stuff to watch and deserve to be seen. You sure gonna miss something if you dont. But if you cant accept gore, dont even bother, and in that case, you probabbly need not know, there is a movie called old boy.

p.s. i have been planning to write this post since long, but was heavily stuck wid work. not now i m free, but somehow manage to finish it. :)

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