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Conquer All

So everyone is talking about how impressive Liverpool were in the Champions League game against Marseille. But does anyone realize that we lost to Reading? The fact is simple. Rafeal Benitez is not getting it right with his tinkering and priorities.

Ask any Liverpool fan and I am sure you will get the same answer. The one trophy we all want to see at Anfield come end of the season is the Barclays Premier League title. A Champions League trophy will be a great bonus but surely a club of our stature should be challenging on all fronts? So what happened at the Madejski Stadium was an absolute disgrace. The reasons are simple.

First of all, we started the game with a good first eleven consisting of Steven Gerrard and Fernando Torres. Both are amongst the world’s best in their positions so why do they only bring their ‘A’ game to the field in the big games? Time and again this season, they have shown us the amazing skills and precision they possess but does it only come in spurts? They should be playing as brilliantly as we know they can week in, week out. Not just in every alternate game or when the big games come along. Against Reading, both were off-colour and neither one seemed interested in winning it.

Are Marseille more important that Reading? No. Both are just as important and if a squad the size of two first elevens assembled through a huge financial outlay cannot handle playing two games a week, then what more do we need? Fifty men squads?

Secondly, I would like to let Benitez in on one thing. Liverpool is a club renowned all over the world for its great history and stature. Never has any Liverpool manager in our history ever dared think of conceding defeat until the final whistle goes.

And right there at the Madjeski Stadium, the much loved Liverpool club conceded defeat. Our manager took our two best players off to protect them from injury and even the most ignorant football fan could see that he decided that the game was lost and conceded defeat. It is a shame to see us giving up on a game just because our manager had his priorities elsewhere.

And finally, stop the demands for funds. Millions have been given to you these past years and you have invested on the supposed players you need to bring glory back to Anfield. Like any child would be told by a doting parent, money doesn’t fall from the skies. You need some, you earn some. In Liverpool’s case, sell the players you think are not of your standard and use that money to buy the players you want. Simple logic.

With that said, the Anfield supporters have waited long and hard for a league title. And with the amount of money thrown into buying players, it is time for us to see some results.

And just in case my stand isn’t clear enough, Liverpool never concede defeat. Not till the final whistle anyway. So wear your hearts on your sleeves and bring us that title! I believe we have what it takes to make sure the ribbons on the league trophy come end of the season will be red, red and nothing but red.

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