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Mathematical proof for Zwicky's Law

Wednesday, May 04, 2005 |

Zwicky's Law, which states categorically that
"The more irrelevant garbage you put into a sentence, the better it sounds."

Proof :-
Meticulously, read the upcoming statements

~Jesus !! I just realized..this can be the only law, hypothesis or axiom (whatever !!) in which "Sir Isaac Newton" didnt lay his hands on (not even superficially).

~Lady Luck was pissed at Kimi @ imalo on 23rd April..but i should say MP4-20 is performing splendidly..after traumatic failures of MP4-19.

~Crushers and Hydrocyclones were pissed at me on very same day...fortunaltely Sieves were tender and neutral.

~Indian team (read Cricket Team) put up a pathetic show at the Capital...so what !!

~Kamelot : The Black Halo is topping the metal charts this year, courtsey Metalstorm

~In less than a fortnight, i'll be leaving this place forever.

~I am feeling dizzy about next crappy statements.

~Its a bright morning today, i wish it rains.

~I just found two more Black Metal alabums. Oh !! i luv this place...ofcourse Gmail too.

~There are 10 type of persons in this world, those who knows binary and those who dont.

~Vince Carter along with Jason Kidd paved way for a spectacular come-back for NJ.

~I adore Dr. Hannible Lecter.

~My lvl 56 Sorc. Chandrakanta has got lvl 14 Frozen orb and lvl 20 Warmth.

~This susbtantiation will take some time for validation.

If this crap attracts a few comments in a month's time, i'll say Zwicky is brilliant...or else i too am proposing a law next month.