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restroom adventures

Monday, August 28, 2006 |

oh, i have done it a lot of times before. just that this time i decided to make it public, ahem rather more public. this 'harkat' is often considered benchmark for nuiances by my fellows. though i have done things more gross than this one, but to maintain decorum of this blog, lets not push it, and stick to this one

this all happened few days back. most of u wud know, how difficult these post lunch sessions are. you just can keep ur eyes open. and wat makes matters worse, nice comfortable chairs in cool, calm ambience. perfect to take you in 'aagosh of nidra devi'. oh it was just one of those days, i was wasting time till late the night before, somehow managed to get the bus to the office in the morning, and as usual didnt feel like working. though i didnt have much work that day but like anyone else, my boss gets some kind of sadistic pleasure when he sees me sitting on my chair even though i stare aimlessly and with zero productivity in my moniter. and if you ask to leave early he will give you a face so disgusted, that even mrs lincon wudnt have given being asked upon about the play.

yeah, i was yawning majorly. oh i am yawning even now *yawwwwwwwwwn*. anyways back to topic. i was yawning and desperatly wanted to sleep. and darn them, unlike few companies, mine does not provide basic infrastructure like dorm to thr employees. and i knew it can be suicidal and appriasal killer to sleep on desk, for two reasons mainly. this boss is new and not much aware of my sleeping-in-meetings syndrome and second and more important one, he is more strict and pain. poor me :(

even in that lathargic mood my head was working like a F1 car, to think of an alternate place. yeah yeah, all u intellugent ass by now must have guessed what place i m talking about. and for the dumber ones, i'll make the task easy. it was a commode. its not as gross as it sounds. in software companies, you have nice clean toilets, with seats shining as if they are just polished by mercury and air smelling really good. and hygiene factor is much higher that wat you'll usually find in a bachelor's apartment.

so it was in that moment, i swiped out of ODC(offshore development centre) and headed straight to restroom. then i ensured it was empty and then looked for the most dry and clean one i could find. i placed the lid over the seat, and rested my ass comfortably on it. put an alarm of half an hour, and slided my head to rest over flush. and zzzzz...

where thrz a will, thrz a way !!

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Omkara the movie

Monday, August 14, 2006 |

We talk about bad writers, we talk about good writers, we talk about
mind-blowing writers and then we talk about "Shakespeare". this genius
is a master of tragedies, and so he proved again in "Othello". mind
blowing script it was, and all credit should be given to vishal
bhardwaj to do all justice with the masterpiece. the movie is an
indianised version of Othello, set in rural backgrounds of eastern UP.

i wont disclose the story, though a lot of people might already know
it. but there is a minor change in the end, which according to the
director, how he wanted Shakespeare to write it.it has been taken care that
names of all the characters in actual play and in movie start with the same

Omkara (Othello) : Ajay Devgan has outdone himself in this movie. He is
a leader of few vagrant young men, and is a terror in local neighbor. A
man of principles, he enjoys a uncompromising respect by the fellow
gang. and what Ajay did, was just perfect. he doesn't has to say much
with his mouth but his eyes did that . his body language in the movie is outstanding. In true sense he was able to bring out the dark authority
and the sense of possession and jealousy as expected by Othello. his stance
will give you an idea that he owns whatever surrounds him and everything
is in his control. even when he is weak and low, he displays that authority.

Dolly (Desdemona) : Kareena after a long long time, has shown some
excerpts of her talent, which seem to be lost in recent times. her
beauty is looking fresh and modest at the same time. she has delivered
much more than what i expected. her undying trust and respect for
omkara was captured beautifully by kareena.

Langra Tyagi (Lago) : Arguably Saif's best performance so far. This guy
has shown his competence is displaying 5 out of 7 deadly sins(gluttony,
greed, envy, pride, wrath and other two he didn't have to) with extreme
passion. his dialog delivery and body language was above par.as right
hand of "omi", he rightly is very confident and carefree. but what
struk me most was how swiftly and casually he is able to switch
between loyal langra to jealous langra and vice versa. i should admit,
i never thought that saif can deliver such a mind-numbing performance.
he is the revelation of the movie. hats off Indu (Emilia) : Konkana
steals the show among the fairer sex. she is vibrant and chirpy at
times and is able to exhibit her mental strength and toughness whenever
needed. she let her body flow with the theme of the movie with an ease
thats rare to find these days. though her character has to undergo few
changes from the original, but she is the one to be looked upon in the
movie. she anyways was expected to perform, and she did justice to the

Kesu Firangi (Cassio) : Vivek did what he was supposed to do. he is a
relatively young lad in the gang and has to be the face of young
generation. he has given one of his best performance even,but it seems
simply average with likes of Ajay, saif and konkana along-with him.
girls are his weakness but his loyalty towards omi is countable. the
innocence on his face was good to see. but its his innocence that takes
him into pits.

Billo Chamanbahar (Bianca) : Bipasha is a slut, she looked like one.
her appealing sensuality along with her skills in bed makes her
irresistible to men. she was probably the weakest link in the movie,
and i feel should have been replaced by may be sushmita.

Bhaisaab (duke of Venice) : Naseeruddin Shah is one of those benchmark
actors with whom other actors are compared to. And as a role of
bhaisaab who plays brahmin politics in that region, naseer is flawless.
he is a political mentor and father-figure to omkara. perfectly blended
with his character, naseer bhai is on a roll.

But most creditable piece of work came from Vishal Bhardwaj, who made
his presence felt throughout, even though he was behind the scenes.
Direction and screenplay of movie is above par, by all standards. the
movie never lost the track in 3 hrs. brilliance and attitude was in
every scene, and every shot was done with flawless precision. this was
vishal's third movie on a lit classic and each time he seems to get

i think this is the first Indian movie to have all sort of swear words
and abuses freely, but then thats how people in that part of country
talk. you will find it offensive only if u cant take reality. it adds
more to the mood of the movie. and so did the music. vishal was
uncompromising on this front as well. music emphasizes the dark and
bloody ambiance of the movie. only with scenes with dolly, tone of
music becomes a bit lighter and soothing. cinematography was spot on,
and lights are used pretty judiciously esp the scene in which omi
murders in front of train. camera work is good, but could have been

all in all, one of the best movie to hit cinemas in recent times and
not just in Hindi. vishal bhardwaj, you made me your fan. i highly
recommend this movie to each and everyone who cherish cinema as an art
not mere entertainment. and please don't insult it by watching it on a

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mea culpa

Thursday, August 03, 2006 |

aajkal i m listening to a lot of Children of Bodom. Alexi, you are my hero.
this might sound destructive.

holding the scythe up and high,
a lake of blood he passes by,
smashing a bunch of maggots under his feet,
he loves the way they die.

he growls,
she cires
mea culpa
mea culpa
mea culpa
mea culpa

the dark woods he stroll into,
a foggy castle, he looks forward to,
as lightening struck the cellar,
doomed is the shelter, he seeks upto.

he growls,
she cires
mea culpa
mea culpa
mea culpa
mea culpa

waiting for the death to take his pride,
in a muddy damned graveyard they slide,
to wolf on land and ravens in air,
he offers the flesh of his virgin bride.

he growls,
she cires
mea culpa
mea culpa
mea culpa

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