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"Zwicky's Law - "The more irrelevant garbage you put into a sentence, the better it sounds." no more bullshit. read on !!"

happy budday

when ppl say, He does not perform under pressure and He should be like Ponting who raise His level during crunch situation and sails his team through, i confess my temperature rises by 100%. people just do not see the facts and start criticising. WTF..just a quntitative analysis will prove the otherwise.

wat is a crucial match..for sake of simplicity we will stick to worldcup matches and finals of tri-series..and from india's perspective every match against australia.

worldcup : i dont think anyone can even dream of comparing His worldcup stats with anyone else. they complain that He didnt perform in last worldcup final. wat do they expect out of Him ? He scored more than 650 runs alone..was the sole reason your team reached the final..and now He didnt perform in one match, they are ready to rip His balls apart. its more than unfair. and punter has just reached 1000 runs mark in worldcup though he has played almost as many games while He is in league of his own, 1700+ runs. He got out in 90s three time, which is more than enough to proves how selfless His game is. and most impressive performance was His innings of 94 against pakistan last year. with strike rate of 175, He almost single handedly demolished the pakistan pace trio (wasim, waqar, shoaib)

His record against autralia is imperious, with average more than 48 and strike rate of 90+, its almost a miracle. only failure is against against proteas with a meager average of 27. But whatever, You are my God !!

Happy birthday :)

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