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"Zwicky's Law - "The more irrelevant garbage you put into a sentence, the better it sounds." no more bullshit. read on !!"

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"Its better to let people think that you are a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubts"

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"Iron Maiden : Bring your daughter...to the slaughter"

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"Robert Ludlum : The Tristan Betrayal"

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SHIT(Some How Information Travels) Chronicles vol.1

if u guys think that it is a story of a crippled young guy,
with tons of energy, and will power as strong as a wwf star.
carry on..you will be most delighted to know, yes it is.
*grins evil*

once upon a time..
*and all those dumbos who think, here comes another fairy tale,
this one aint wat u r lookin' for*

This one..and the ones going to follow in near future,
will tell you wat the hell is going on in my life !!
as much as i hate being so crude in my expressions, it is an implicit part of my work life.
better read it is as corporate life !.

it seems corporate life is not something easy to deal with.
It help me to reach even hiher levels of "Anshulism".
where you sit back and relax, instead of doing some work, for which you are paid.
and just to keep yourself bizzy..you give N no. of hits to google.
send and recieve forwards and general mails.
* i recently saw my highest no. of mails rise from 43 to 134 a day, these figures are good enough to beat rise in share market, let alone crude oil prices*
**i've been reading a lot of buissness stuff off late, bizzy widout buissness** ;)
and i need not mention, thr are hardly any official mails in tht whole lot :)

and in case i forgot to mention my latest adventure.
i m a lazy bum, a pretty well known fact among my frnds,
"sleeping macho" as many of them like to call me.:D
but this time, it was my pl(project leader) who was exposed to this piece of info.
in some meeting, few days back, in which he was discussing some imp issues regarding project,
urs truly ~Lord Anshul~ was found sleeping.
It wasnt tht the chairs were very comfortable and sleep inducing,
but it was my hold on subject. i, strictly speaking, didnt know a damn about it.
and to ad icing on the top, had a good lunch tht day, slept only 5 hrs last night.
*this is icing wid cherrries and strawberries*
and yeah, thnx to tht brilliant AC, which was doing its works all great by
maintaing room temp somewhere close to 22.
and then all i remember is aman, shaking and waking me up.

sorry for such an abrupt end.
more will be told in details in next vol.
wait for it.
auf wiedersehen
~Lord Anshul


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  • Blogger adārśanik says so:
    April 21, 2007 4:58 AM  

    Man u know what u r expert in that activity ...
    i think the definition of soman should incorporate you some where ...
    and one more thing ..
    abe i wuld like to have a better n bigger definition of "Anshulism"
    its a coming Fad fatso ... top