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"Zwicky's Law - "The more irrelevant garbage you put into a sentence, the better it sounds." no more bullshit. read on !!"

Movie Reviews : Transporter 2

rajnikant, mithun are not alone anymore....
if rambo can fight 100 ppl,all alone..
our transporter (2)too can...
this movie is just an picturization of thoughts..wat mithun da..
ever forgot/was unable to bring out in his movies..
all laws of motion and gravity are being drained to gutter.
and on tht crap graphics of aeroplane..
i m sure..many of u can do better stuff on photoshop to give me a better air-plane.
and yeah how can i forget..how many times..this guy..
tried to copy agent smith and neo as well
(when he jumps from the building..and fight wid the rod).

but yeah..movie has some..no just one good stuff..
its background music..it was fast and hard hitting..
and nicely edited according to action sequences..
which to some extent may impress many ppl out thr.

but you cant just watch a movie..wid zero story,
poor direction and practically no scope of acting.
but..if u like mithun da's extra-terrestrial stunts,
like to see ur protagonist moving much faster thn bullets of fully-automatic gun,
if u fancy two man fighting to shake an air plane,
and are fan of unrealistic fight sequnce..
in which bullets virtually mutilate everything around but hero.
then..my frnd..this is "the" movie for u..
dont waste time anymore..and rush to ur nearest cinema.

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