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return of the god !!

title says it all. the god is back, and back with a bang. 142* on a pitch like that. not easy !!

that pitch was a bitch. (oh it rhymes !!, i'm genius). it has the most uneven bounce ever. reason being a few very rough pathces here and there, and a lot of grass stubbles. one can never predict where the ball will go, once it lands in those pathetic regions.while most of them kept low, a few of them were unpredictably bouncy. but besides those pathces, it was a decent pitch to play on. ball was coming nicely on bat, and it gives more chances to execute shots.

he was dropped a catch on 11. a terrible misunderstanding between keepr and 1st slip, and it cost them dearly. its not very often to see master playing a noticable knock againt windies, but last one was exceptional. we saw it all. that maturity that he has developed in recent times, that aggression that we thought he has lost, and the best of all those 6s. oh i know how much i missed them. its been eons since he has hit more than four 6s in a match. last time it was in '00, and before that in '98(the year which confirmed his GOD status, remember those sharjah miracles). even he could not have asked for a better comeback.

he played fast and furious for first 7-8 over, and ripped the balls apart of taylor and edwards. but somehow gayle and bradshaw were able to put a chk on him. but then in last slog overs, no one was able to withstand the whirlwind. he played all over the ground. played those lofted shots that he refrained after tht shoulder injury. he was looking calm, fit and deadly !! more lethal than ever. timing of shots, as usual was perfect. but shot selection was indeed entertaining. its always more fun to watch ball fly past boundary, than see it rolling.

lets talk about those fliers. first one came of a slower one, shortpitched delivery. he anticipated it and then came that amazing pull. Boom !! then for the next one i have to wait almost for 40 overs. but then he said, start rolling the counter. second one was absolutely amazing shot. overpitched ball, pitched outside off stump, which gave him enough room. he just swung his bat, had that amazing contact sound, and BOOM !! over the covers, the followthrough was the key. third one was the exact ^c ^v of the second one. same over.fourth one was more of a traditional shot. slower one, and full swing of bat, threw the ball out of mid-wicket boundary. then came the shot of the day. similar to 2nd and 3rd, just this time, the ball was not pitched up ahead and didnt give him much of a room either. but he charged in, came down the wicket, made some room for himself, trasferred full bodyweight. BOOM !!!! again over covers, it went miles.classic !!

oh wat an inning !! certainly one of the best innings ever. his 40th ODI century, gave him 51st man of the match. is someone still saying he shud retire ??

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