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I am a …

Few days back I was thinking, which animal I share most traits with. Weird indeed, but last few days have not been the most relaxed ones as well, so expected out of an exhausted mind. Unfortunately I was at my self-deprecation best. The answer came out as “PIG” which is gross, but a surprising fit. The common characteristics include

Filth: Those who know me but at all, knows how dirty I am and more than that how comfortable I am being that way. Somehow it’s true for most of the guys, but I take this acceptance to preference. Taking bath is waste of time, water, soap and all those things. A jeans is preferred over trousers because one can wear it for a month without even bothering to wash it. Why bother cleaning room, when one anyways walks in it with slippers on. These thoughts are now philosophy of life. And pigs!! Do I even need to start on this?

Omnivorous: A lot of people claim to eat everything, but with few exceptions. But genuine connoisseurs of food are pigs and yours truly. Eat whatever is there without cribs and whines. Preferences of course are there but certainly no constraints. Everything from boiled vegetables to beef is welcome, provided cooked good. Unable to finish something on dinner table, please do not waste it and pass it on. As my roomies put it my appetite is like a mini black hole, both in terms of acceptance and amount.

Snugly: Ever seen a bunch of piglets sleeping?? A dozen of them will bunch together and sleep cosily over each other. Going back in time, when we just moved to CTM1 four years back and we all gathered in Sas’ room for some movie, the sight had uncanny resemblance. It was one teeny-weeny bed and we were at least 8 on it. And man it was fun to watch movie like that. No PVR, no I-Nox gave me that much of fun.

Now this is not a tag, but everyone is tagged:D

P.S. Plz don’t hate me for this. Facts are exaggerated to certain extent to create interest in readers:D

1 CTM : C TOP MID, my wing at iit. Call me braggart, but this is where Gods live.

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