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i m sitting on my desk.
listening eminem singing 8 miles road..
working on oracle reports builder..
and..to shock u..i work in TCS. ;)
and for those who dont know..reason for shock.
we are not allowed to upload music on our HDDs in TCS..
my system admin define this by some vague term "Data security".

now coming to the point..how come eminem rapping to entertain me ?
courtsey my new Nokia N-Gage, with 512 mb memory card.
and i know..wat is diff between kb and mb..and i m certainly not joking :))

damn !! dis is da stuff..da gadget..
and as nokia term it..as game deck..rather thn cell fone.
hardly ever used it as cell..more a jukebox..game pod
ppl use to exploit the very reason a thing is invented to meet thr own demands.

its not something rare in bangalore..but certainly a "dubba" to cherish.
i can bet my life, one will never hv enuf of it.
and now if u think..m i planning to get an extra discount from nokia to publicize the stuff
rats !!..i belive.."got it, fluant it". ;)

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