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being thin !!

recently in madrid fashion week, a russian model fainted on ramp and collapsed later. they say she was living on green leaves and diet coke for past few months. all in attempt to be a skinny, HOT model. and she paid for it dearly. models have to undergo enourmopus stress both mentally and physically before every ramp performance.and with event like MFW which is considered to be one of the most profilic one(comes only after paris, milan, ny ), schedules are obviously hectic, deadlines are stringent and expectations are higher. its not easy to cope up with all this pressure along with working for like 15 hrs a day on a meager diet.

so wat is it that a lot of girls compromise on diet to get a pencil slim body ?? is being fit is not in anymore ?? and who says being skinny is being sexy ??

i guess a fat ass like me will never understand.

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