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Fwd:You've got mail

I am sitting at my desk, trying to work,
and poof!! jumped a pop-up on my screen,
"You've a new mail in your inbox".
and a stylish icon appears in my task bar,
smiling at it, i double clicked,just to find another forward,
and what frustates me even more is a fact that, i have recived same forward from 6 different persons since morning and twice from same person. !! duh !

Jeez!!, i said, and without even bothering to check, who send it..redirected the mail to trash and without wasting a single moment emptied it as well.

This was me, few months back.

But any software job has a rich legacy of forwarding mails, and i felt that i am no exception. Its like, it has become part of my work.
On any given day no. of forwards should be atleast 4 times no. of offical work, and thnx to efforts taken by many of my generous frnds,i am never been able to voilate this rule, till date.

OK fine !!, so what are you leading to Lord Anshul, hit the point.
Yeah Sure.

What irritates is me, are all those forwards which ask you to be forwarded to 10 more ppl, to get your wish fulfilled, or else face wrath of Maa Durga, or Sai baba or even, some chinese master !!:O*even i was shocked at this one*. And also, the one with sissy quotes, telling all vague thoughts and one-liners, of how to make life better, that i had been studying all through my schooling, as moral science when i was kid and then life values in SSC*you all must have been guessed, that i was a student of a theology obssessed nuns driven convent*. I wud rather listen more to my mom-dad, then such stupid mails.

All they do is eat up space of your inbox. But thnx to 1 GB inbox spree provoked by google, its not a matter of concern anymore. But deleting all of them manually is still a big headache, for they cant be reported to spam *my frnds gonna kill me, even for bringing this thought in mind*.

But, many a times, thr are funny one too. And those are the ones that sprinkle holy water on all the sinners. They give me a reason to smile, when i m sitting in my cubicle, bored to death of my monotonus corporate life. Jesus !!, some of them are really funny, and refreshingly creative.But, wait, all filth heads still know how to rape my jovial mood. And withing next half an hour, i'll recieve same mail from 10 diff ppl.And here goes the fun !

I personally preferred writing mails, than forwards. But then, one of my frnds explained me significance of forwards to me few days back.*read few months back*. I was heavily impressed by his thinking, but at the same time, i doubt how many of us think on that line, before forwarding. He said,time is a luxury, which is not available to most of us, atleast in surplus.And even in those moment, if any of our frnd remembers us, and dont have much time to write few line saying hello, he/she forward a mail to us, just to let us know, i miss you. And this is, anyday better than writing a quickie saying "hi,how r u ?, i m fine, take care.", but this should be backed by some hand-written mails as well, once in a while,before it bocome all-forward-zero-mail tantrum.I coudnt have agreed more.

And now, here i m sitting and forwards tens of mail on a daily basis to most of you, just to say, i miss you. Now wat you've got to do is, ^c ^v my blog, forward it to as many people as you cans,and see how many of them forward this back to you. ;)

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