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sigh !! :(

was just going thru this news.

so now they are making JEE a objective type paper. cool !! ministry of HRD is all set to degrade one of the best exam all over the world. and the reason they give it for this brainless move is that it will help reducing stress. roflmao !! JEE is all about the few guys who can take that stress. i dont want to sound like a bragget, but i have had it and i jhelofied it. and so did a lot of my frnds. if they can, i can, why cant anyone else.

wat is troubling me even more is the fact that every year they are virtually screwing up the level of the paper. the peak was achieved in 90's when the each paper just had 6-10 ques and all of them were directly summoned from geeky hell. that time they were looking more for the approach rather than the exact answer. but now attention is shifting from intelligence to speed. but then CAT is there for that. why compromising on JEE. let it be wat it is known for. let it be one of the toughest paper around.

and with quota system just about to be implimented, no wonder level will fall even more. with objective ques they will miss out the most important thing, that all guys at iit seem to have i.e. approach to solve a particular problem. its about that lateral thinking. its about rugged schedules, never ending nightouts, and conceptual brilliance. JEE was never tough for the one who is thorough with the concepts. ofcourse hardwork is the key for that. and after that, a lil bit of confidence and traces of luck will land u into iit.

but now, i dont know wat they are looking for.i just hope that this day never arrives when a company recruiting ppl ask one to put in the resume which year he/she cleared JEE. its already getting tougher to get schols in US univs these days. and thes stupid policies will be final nail in the coffin.

and all i can do is curse them and write this blog !! :(

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