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"Zwicky's Law - "The more irrelevant garbage you put into a sentence, the better it sounds." no more bullshit. read on !!"


finally, i m here wid my tag post.
have been avoiding it for long, but now thought of getting with it.

7 nick names

2)bhai ( copyright for my sis !!)
5)lord (whne ppl talk about orkut infront of me..they call me so..in respect)
7)onshool (bengoli isshtyle)

7 things of opp. sex tht attracts me:
1)black hair
4)how many common fav movies we do have (call me crazy,nuts,lunatic..watever !!..but)

7 celebrity crush:
1)angelina jolie
2)vivien leigh
3)marilyn monroe
4)jessica lucas(sue of life as we know it)
6)demi moore (in movie ghost and a few good man)
7)jessica alba
8)alessandra ambrosio (have to include her..cant help)

7 phrases i use a lot
1)holy f**k/holy shit !!
3)too much be...sexy !!
4)bhak sala !!
5)dost...ek min (this is how i call waiters in any restaurent)
6)kata kar :)
7)oye, sun na

7 things that wud make my christmas wishlist
1)bose lifestyle 48
2)an i-pod
3)watch an live opeth/slayer concert
4)biggest DVD collection
5)end up in IIM-A.
6)go to amsterdam with a french gurl. ;)
7)watch McLaren regaining its supremacy in F1 world.

7 things which i am proud of about myself
1)my attitude towards life.
2)my choice of movie
3)my choice of music
4)my entire range of choice of any goddamn thing !!
5)my family
6)being indian
7)and the fact that you can never piss me off..do whatever !!

7 fav movies characters i adore
1)derek vinyard (american history x)
2)clarice starling (silence of the lambs)
3)david gale and betsy (the life of david gale)
4)teena brandon (boys dont cry)
5)ajay (zakhm)
6)leon (leon)
7)capt. nathan (a few good men)

7 things i can eat/drink anytime
1)tandoori chicken
2)devil's own (prefer Barista over CCD)
3)chocolate fantasy(again Barista >> CCD)
4)death by chocolate (best sundae in the world)
5)mexican baked rice sizzler
6)tomato soup/lassi (depends upon season)
7)paani puri

7 people i adore
1)adolf hitler
2)jim morrison
3)bhagat singh
4)indira gandhi
5)richard branson
6)karn (recall mahabharat)

7 people i detest
2)george bush
3)humanified American foriegn policy
4)michael schumaker (watever the spelling is !!)
5)people who say metal is noise (classic butler dialogue : frankly my dear, i dont give a damn !!)
6)jagmohan dalmiya
7)courtney love

7 actors i like
1)edward norton
2)kevin spacey
3)rowan atkinson
4)amitabh bachcan
5)ajay devgan
6)marlon brando
7)nasiruddin shah

7 actress i like
1)jodie foster
2)hillary swank
3)jennifer connelly
4)renée zellweger
5)smita patil
6)jaya bachchan
7)gwyneth paltrow

7 weired things i can do/ have done
1)move tiny finger of my leg
2)can live without food,water or sleep for more thn 24 hrs.
3)headbang for hours without a joint or a drop of alcohol
4)watch bloody gore stuff..without feeling yuck !!
5)can stay infront of comp whole day doing nothing
6)can sleep in a project meeting (didnt know about this, before i actually did it)
7)sneeze 7 times at a stretch !!

i can extend this post to infinity, space and time crunches are major constraint in my imagination :P.
and for public interest i dont tag anyone. :)

disclamer : all the stuff written, is in no specific order. and i know i have weired choices, and thats what make them more special to me.

ppl are pissing me off, so i getting out of my being nice disguise nd tagging few people

ppl frm 4-7..u r just a victim to keep up wid numbers..sorry cant help..no hard feelings ;), there could have been other names as well, but just becoz u have already written your tag post, ~Lord Anshul~ spares you :)


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