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Suddenly, dustbins of colleges hav more waste paper with 81 squares, then ever.Page 2 of newspaper supplement has more than comic strips and movie schedules.More and more indians are betting on,time constraint puzzels, rather than usual India-pak match crap.College canteens are suddenly more quite, with more and more getting addicted to this new found japanese fever.Coders has got a new past-time, devicing more and more efficient code for this new mathematical devil.

Probably, the greatest stuff to hit newspapers after the invention of crossword puzzels.
But,certainly more inetesrting than any damn crossword.Now say, i am a geek.Agreed, but that wont change the fact, for an engineering grad, sudoku scores much higher than a crossword.Its a superb test of brilliance cobbed with intellegence, before one figure out a generalised method to deal with it.But once, one is through that stage, it more about speed and accuracy and, ofcourse approach towards the given puzzel.

Now, one would wonder, what is up with this 81 block game,which is latest craze in the world today.Thats the most difficult part, its inexplainable,cant be explained but can be felt, try it and u'd know, u cant live without solving another one.Trust me, this thing never has enough of it,and for me, it has defined new parameters of addiction.The best part is, there are enough sudoku to keep one busy, for whole life.
There can be millions of sudoku box feasible and each one can furthur generate millions of puzzles.

I know, this post is shouting "Anshul is a nerd", but i dont care,its just another trenchant comment from jealous lesser intellects.*grins evil*
and you think you are a smartass..
hold this
Best Sudoku weblink
(or any other website, even basic googleing will yield millions of result)
and try evil.
all the best Mr. I-can-do-it-all.

P.S. : beware, of the geek(Anshul) unleashed, though it is a temporary phase, but no ordinary, mind you.

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