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"Zwicky's Law - "The more irrelevant garbage you put into a sentence, the better it sounds." no more bullshit. read on !!"

from drought to flood !!

a home that can withstand heavy rains, enough to submerge half the town, may not be able to counter carelessness of few dumbos, who claim to be one of the most intelligent ppl of this country.
needless to say, i too am a proud member of that list. :P

it was a cool saturday morning, and all of us were bizzy getting rid of last week's fatigue..by rolling into bed late in the morning..hmm correction..noon.
*if its morning, its not late..isnt it ??*
such puny things count more than any high end leisures, once college life is replaced by a rather more hectic "corporate life".
and lucky i m to get roomies who belong to similar school of thought.

ok enuf, lets carry on to the story..

so, i wake up at..i guess 11..to find other 3 are still in "aagosh of nidra devi". ;) though i was subdued and dizzy, but still cant forget those hilarious postures. one was smiling mildly..i m sure thr was some hot and sexy lassy in her dreams.other had his mouth wide open, he was sleeping like a baby but snoring like a bear, and yet other..cant see his face, he had packed himself in a blanket..
*they were gaurav,punit and anjan, but i dont exactly remeber who was who*

nyways, i started the day with all normal activities, and while shaving i realized, the water-tank at roof-top is about to dry up...grrr.."DARN !!" said i, and ran downstairs to turn on the pump.i reached at ground floor only to find out, there was no power for last two hours.though sleepy, i was smart enough to place a mug under the tap to hold on last few drops for a face wash. when i came back upstairs, i found tht mug empty and one of my roomie laughing and showing middle finger to my smartness. :P

meanwhile, we tried a futile attempt to "jugaad" a mugfull of water from all the taps at home, but failed miserably.reluctantly, we had to consume all of our drinking water to clean ourself up.the only good thing was, we all got a valid reason for not taking a bath. so one of the adventurous souls suggested lets go to hyderabad house (this place makes best biryani and kebabs in bangalore) and then to marathalli (this place has lots of factory outlets) to celebrate the salary we got recently."Bravo!! Bravo!!"

yeah, before i forget to tell, one of my roomie "gautam" was at his frnd's home last night, so it was four of us who went for this day-out :P. we called him and told bout our plans, and confirmed that he had a duplicate key with him, and then hailed for an auto.

next 6 hours were bindas masti, ate nice food, earned a lot of bonus points on our credit cards and tons of jokes throughout.

then suddenly i heard "woh lamhe", my cell was ringing. and ..
anshul : hello

gautam : sala, kahan hai tum ??
*needless to say, he is bihari*

anshul : hum bhi ghar aa rahe hai, auto main baithe hai..ka hua ??
*when u talk to a bihari, talk in biahri*

gautam : sala, tumhe pata hai ki kya hua hai ghar mein ?

anshul : kya hua bhai ??

gautam : sala hum abh ghar mein ghuse to dekha, poore ghar mein paani bhara hua hai!!

anshul : WHAT !!!!!!!!!! :O :O

gaurav,punit,anjan : abe kya hua be ??

anshul : gautam bol raha hai ghar mein paani bhar gaya !!
WHAT !!!!!!!!!!! * 3, :O * 6*

anshul : kitna paani hai be ??

gautam : abe bahut jyada hai, wat lag gaya hai..ek room ka to. dono matress literally float kar raha hai..mera joota aadha paani mein doob gaya hai.

anshul : WTF !!!! kaise hua be yeh ??

gautam : yehi hum tujhse poochne wale the !! *for a bihari, he is surprisingly cool*

anjan*literally shouts* : are beta !! subah paani nahi tha..to ghar pe saare nal khule chor gaye honge..

*damn !!!!!!!,cried us all*

*gautam overheard him on fone*
gautam : height hai carelessness ki !!!

anshul : chup be sale, tu jaldi se kuch kar, hum log 1 ghante mein pahuch rahe hai.
*anshul ponders and turn pale, bhak !! comp to floor pe hi pada hua tha, wat lag gayi beta*

anshul : abe comp ke paas paani to nahi hai na ??
*oh god !! not near comp, kahin bhi aur chalega*

gautam : nahi, bach gaye..us room tak paani nahi pahucha !!
*ohhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!, sigh of relief*

gaurav : abe tera i-pod !! woh bhi jameen pe hi pada tha !!
* we all could see fear of death in his eyes !!* :D

gautam : dekh liya !! u are lucky, usse kuch nahi hua !!
again *ohhhh !!!!!!!!!, sigh of relief*

anshul : chal theek hai, do watever u can..hum log ghar pahuch rahe hai !!


we reached home in about 45 mins. the door was wide open. i stepped in first and *chappak*, i thought "anshul in waterland!!".cant explain condition of home. a top notch mess. auuugghhh !!!!

finally to get over tht trauma, junta bought some booze. we first threw all wet matresses and blankets on the roof and then sat besides. unlid the RS and i went on with my pepsi. came back to flat at 3 in the morning, and reached a unanimous decision, we have to go to some other home to spend tht night. and took off immediatly.

i know after reading so long, you wont like me giving you funda, but a small one is more or less mandatory.

"pray to God, you wont fall under such drastic condition, for i know, if histroy repeats itself, which it will, like me, you too will commit same blunder"

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