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"Zwicky's Law - "The more irrelevant garbage you put into a sentence, the better it sounds." no more bullshit. read on !!"

B for bullshit, B for bush

a black day,20th january,
that i confidentaly declare,
a amnestic lunatic gets asylum,
with all glitter and flair.

i wish, the same day,
they would have bid you a farewell
Damn u Mr Bush ..
just go to hell !!!

a god damn liar,
whenever you hits your toungue,
how many exams, frankly,
tell me, you have flunk,

the only stupid harvard grad,
deserves a bedlam cell.
Damn u Mr Bush ..
just go to hell !!!

you hold indifference to,
the meagers dying around,
try throw some benjamins,
before condition gets out of bound.

for a change, look out,
of cozy white house, where opulence dwell
Damn u Mr Bush ..
just go to hell !!!

like a dictator unleashed,
you boss on the world,
but laden, saddam and likes,
scares shit out of you, Mr. chiken heart.

try to win by bread,
not by bullet's shell,
Damn u Mr Bush ..
just go to hell !!!

on attacks of laskar, zaish,
you chose to act dumb,
and events of 9/11,
left you partially numb,

kids saw it live,giggling,
Self proclaimed "most powerful man on earth", turning pale,
Damn u Mr Bush ..
just go to hell !!!

i doubt if all these,
for you, ever rings a bell
Damn u Mr Bush ..
just go to hell !!!

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