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"Zwicky's Law - "The more irrelevant garbage you put into a sentence, the better it sounds." no more bullshit. read on !!"

Dead by chocolate

Clear your mind,
hold your watering mouth,
and keep a check on your gluttony.

*take a clean, shining scoop spoon !!
*bury it deep in vanilla ice-cream..
*scoop out a big ball of it..
*repeat first three steps again...
*take 3 piece of brownies and place them neatly in the bowl besides the scoops..
*spread over it, sinfully rich molten chocolate..upto half the bowl..
*to increse fat content in body..add some extra cream..
*place few red luscious cherries..
*garnish the stuff with more chocolate..
*finally add some nuts over the whole package..
*take a big bite...

congratulation, you just add few mm of fat around your tummy..

Presenting before you, ladies and gentlemen,"Death By Chocolate"..come, witness with me a phenomenal, royaly addictive and unearthly experience...*add more such adjectives, sometimes my vocab bind me in constraints*this is one of those rare edible stuffs, whose simultaneously stimulates, four out of your five sense organs..sense of hearing, somehow ,is left untouched by it...aaah rats !!

if you are figure conscious..work out everyday for atleast 2 hours everyday this week, or if you are more of a first order glutton, and have some kind of unsatiable ravenous hunger, order one more. loose your belt, ignore the surprise in the eyes of cashier !! and attack !!! and yeah..to add more taste..allow few drops of chocolate roll down your cheecks..and stop worrying about lips hemline getting a tan.

p.s. dont forget to satisfy your ego, by looking in envious eyes of ppl sitting besides, while they curse thier choice.

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