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"Zwicky's Law - "The more irrelevant garbage you put into a sentence, the better it sounds." no more bullshit. read on !!"

Interview iim k

there were 2 profs in my panel. one was prof rp suresh and i have no clue about the other one. cant find him on the website.

GD topic was disinvestment of PSUs. GD was pretty good. no fish market, everyone contributed decently and lots of points came.

and excerpts of my interview are here

p1 = 1st panel member
p2 = 2nd panel member
a = anshul

p1: hello anshul
a: hello sir *takes his chair*

p1: you are a chem engg from iit kgp, working in a software industry and now planning to go for management. i cant see any relationship.
a*smiled, was expecting this*: sir, my jee rank was 1235 and chem engg was the best thing tht i was getting at iits.and at that point of time i was not aware wat exactly chem engg is and wat comp sci. is. and i worked really hard to get into iits and i was not interested going to some other engg college. but later in my second year i realised that i was not particularly interested in chem engg, but my interest lies in programming and software engg. so it was a well thought decision to move to the field of software engg. and management is wat i feel i want to do now. i love programming and that knowledge will certainly help me in my subsequent career in management.

p2: but dont u think, govt spent a lot of money making u a chem engg. and u wasted it.
a*screw govt.*: i dont think so sir. i feel more than acedemics, iit offered me quality ambience. i am a firm believer of peer learning, and i feel with the kind of exposure i got at kgp, it helped me learn a lot of intangible skills, which are going to be very helpful in my career. as one of my prof aptly said " at iit, we make u learn, how to learn". i believe i'm a much better person now.

p2:so tell me one good reason to believe that same thing wont be repeated if you enter in iims.
a: sir, iit was a mutual decision of my parents and me. and at that time i had a lot of peer pressure and parental pressure. but management is wat i feel i want to do. its my sole decision and i feel i am naturally motivated to do this. i have interest in managing things, and i believe i am ready now to take my job responsibility to next level.

p1: have u ever heard of a decreasing function.
a*how dumb u think i am*: yes sir, i have.
p1: you CGPA is a perfectly decreasing function.
a*lol, thts a nice way to put it*: sir, as i said earlier, in my second year i've realised tat i m not particularly interesrted in chem engg. so then i decided rather putting my efforts for something i dont believe in, i'll do stufff which i want to do and i'm good at. so i explored a lot of field there which were almost alien to me before. i participated and organized various events. i started exploring movies and music.i was/am an avid programmer. but with all these i made sure that i didnt lag in my studies. i tried my best to develop other skills, at the same time performing decently in my academics.
*shine in eyes*
and also sir, i feel the best way to analyze my academic performance will be to look at my semester GPA. and in first year when there were general subjects, i had a much better record. and after that it is almost constant. so proves that though i didnt have great deal of intererst in chem engg,but i still magaed to perform reasonable well, though not as good as my first year. and this explains the drop in gpa.

*i bitched about chem engg and made sure tht they wont ask me any academic funda*

p2: hmmm, so i see. you want to be a film critic.
a*come to big daddy*: yes sir.
p2: wat was the last movie you saw, anshul ?
a: sir, last movie i saw was "parzania" and "a few good men"
p2: so tell me something about "a few good men".
a* just wat i want u to ask me*

after this i gave them funda for 5 mins justifying wat jack nicholson did was good. his intension was clear, but results of the action was unfortunate.

p1: you support nazi or u like hitler?
a: sir, i do not agree to wat nazis did to jews. that was very extreme. but i do like hitler. i respect a person who can convince a whole nation to do wat he wants, and that too because of respect and not fear.
p1: ok

p1: so have you done something in which you hve lead a team of people.
a*aahaaa, my forte*: yes sir.and after that, i was giving them funda of illu.
p1: so as u told me, you need to convince people to work with yo for illu and motivate them. you knw, its been eons and management gurus are still not able to figure out, how to motivate people. and you said, you were able to do it. can u let me know, how u did it ??
a: sir, i have had a priviledge to have frnds and juniors, which were not very difficult to handle. and i had a very good rappot with most of them. so whenever i wanted them to work, i just went and met them personally and asked them to do this as a favour to me. and fortunately, most of the times, they listened to me and put thr efforts. i tried to make sure that they should have that emotional attachment to the whole process, and for this, i just tried to have thr maximum involvement.
p2: you know, this thing might work in college, but not in real life.
a: yes sir. i realise that, but i want to learn these tit bits of management, and thats why a formal management education will be a big asset in my career.

p1: p2, you want to ask someting else.
p2: no, its ok
p1: well then, anshul. its all from our side
a: thank you sir :)

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